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What is a Touch Screen?

A Touch Screen is an onscreen input device, which needs to be combined with a display and a PC or other device to make a complete touch input system. The touch screen is generally used as part of a flat LCD monitor, flat plasma monitor or curved CRT monitor. 

Main components

A basic touch screen kit has three main components:

  • touch panel, also called touch sensor or touch membrane
  • controller board or box with cable
  • software driver

Touch Panel

A touch screen panel is a clear glass panel with a touch responsive surface. The touch panel is placed over a display screen so that the responsive area of the panel covers the viewable area of the video screen. There are several different touch screen technologies today - surface wave, resistive analog or capacitive , each using a different method to detect touch input and with various clarity and response advantages. The touch panel generally has an electrical current or sound vibration signal passing through it and touching the screen causes a voltage or signal change. This voltage change is used to determine the location of the touch to the screen. Contact us to decide which technology is for you or Click here for a Guide to choosing the right touch technology.


The controller is a small PC card that connects between the touch panel and the PC. It takes information from the touch panel and translates it into information that the PC can understand. The controller is usually installed inside the monitor for integrated touch monitors or it is housed in a plastic/metal case for external touch add-ons. The controller determines what type of interface (port connection) you will need on the PC. Integrated touch monitors have an additional cable connection on the back for the touch screen. Controllers connect to a USB port or Serial/COM port. Multiple touch screens can be connected using different controllers. Specialised controllers are also available that work with other devices.

Software Driver

The driver is a software update for the PC operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.) that allows the touch screen and computer to work together. It tells the computer's operating system how to interpret the touch information that is sent from the controller. Most touch screen drivers today are mouse-emulation type. This makes touching the screen the same as clicking your mouse at the same location on the screen. This allows the touch screen to work with existing software and allows new applications to be developed without the need for touch screen specific programming. Some equipment such as thin client terminals, DVD players, and specialised computer systems have their own built-in touch screen driver. Separate Software Drivers are available for the various Windows versions - 98/2000/XP or Linux. 

What can you use Touch Screens for?

The touch screen is one of the easiest PC interfaces to use, making it the interface of choice for a wide variety of applications . Some examples of how touch screen input systems are being used today:

Public Information Displays
Customer Self-Service
Point of Sale (POS) for Retail, Restaurant & other locations
Computer Based Training
And many more applications...
The touch screen interface is being used in a wide variety of applications to improve human-computer interaction. Other applications include banking and finance, digital jukeboxes, computerised gaming, voting machines, lottery systems, student registration systems, multimedia software, financial and scientific applications, and more...........

Guide to choosing the right Touch Technology?

Your touch application: Touch Technology:
Outdoor and Harsh use Projected Capacitive Touch Screen (PCT)
Public access applications & others: where maximum image quality is required SAW Surface Wave
Industrial Control IR (Infrared)
Public access applications & others: where maximum image quality is required in a rugged, dusty or vandal risk environment DPWP SAW Surface Wave
Employee related use in industrial, point of sale, medical, transportation use 5W 5-Wire Resistive
When cost is the main factor Four Wire Resistive

PCT Projected Capacitive Harsh use: Outdoor Harsh unattended use
Some Applications
  • ATMs on street
  • Robust Outdoor Public Access Kiosks
  • Public Web phones
  • Harsh Industrial environments
  • Unattended public access applications
  • Cutting Edge Fixed Embedded Technology
  • Unlimited touches life expectancy.
  • Zero moving parts.
  • High Light Transmission- 91%.
  • Durability & Resistance to Vandalism: Shock, Scratch and Vandal resistant.
  • Debris resistant - Impervious to surface contaminants such as dirt, grease and moisture/ rain water / ice snow.
  • Moisture: Unaffected by severe levels of moisture or water droplets on the surface.
  • Chemicals: Performance unaffected.
  • Unique "Through Glass" feature - can work through shop glass windows or through a piece of sacrificial glass placed in front of the touch sensor.
  • Sealability: NEMA 12, NEMA 4 compliant.
  • High Touch Resolution: 4096X4096.
  • Takes the first touch only and does not average like "other Capacitive" touchscreens.
  • Does not use a surface coating like "other Capacitive", instead uses a Micro-fine wire of 10 Microns set in a special pattern
  • No re-calibration required as it uses fixed wires to ensure zero drift over time with absolutely no need for maintenance.
  • The controller is built (embedded) directly into the glass, so no extra wiring and the power is sourced through the RS232/USB port itself.
  • In India, priced much lower than "other Capacitive" touchscreens.
  • CRT touch monitors for Desktop applications
  • Open Frame LCD touch monitors for kiosks, enclosures 
  • Touchscreen Kits for integrators

SAW Surface Wave lifetime use: Public access
Some Applications
  • Consumer application kiosks
  • Bills Payment Kiosks
  • Museums  
  • Library guides
  • Banking and Finance
  • Bank cash advance and teller machines
  • Corporate information
  • Public Transportation Schedule / Status
  • Airport passenger internet
  • Automated travel and entertainment ticket dispensers
  • Custom greeting card machines
  • Hotels & Shopping malls
  • Gaming and amusement  
  • Lottery
  • Hospital and hotel directories
  • Superior technology, specially designed , affordable & rugged touch technology for environments in India
  • Pure 3 mm tempered glass touch screen with superior image clarity, high resolution and good light transmission. 
  • No overlays, no coatings, no surfaces, no wearing out.
  • Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface, continues to work if scratched.
  • High touchpoint density: over 10,000 touchpoints per square inch.
  • Good stableness. No calibration drift, automatic correction, accurate operation. 
    Not affected by magnetic interference or metal enclosures.
  • Long service life, over 50 million touches in one location without failure.
  • Antiglare glass option.
  • Finger, gloved hand and soft stylus activation.
  • CRT and LCD touch monitors for Desktop applications
  • Open Frame LCD touch monitors for kiosks, enclosures 
  • Touchscreen Kits for integrators

IR Infrared: Industrial Control use
Some Applications
  • Industrial control
  • Indoor and outdoor Kiosk
  • Oil Rig
  • Medical equipment
  • Any harsh demanding application 
  • Faithfully preserves original image optical clarity minimum due to no overlay
  • Maintenance free, scratch-proof, water resistant, ideal for unattended public applications
  • Durable, maintenance free with long-life expectancy 
  • High Touch Resolution - 4096 X 4096
  • Wide Temperature Range - Designed to work from -41deg. C to 70 deg. C
  • Long Life Expectancy - Built to last, 1 year upto 7 years warranty offered
  • Sunlight Operable - Operable in varying light conditions, indoor or outdoor
  • Integrated Controller - No need for extra controller integration
  • Water/Dust Resistant Sealed- IP65, rugged conditions operable: fog, rain, snow
  • Open Frame LCD touch monitors for enclosures 
  • Touchscreen Kits for integrators - 5.7" upto 150"

DPWP SAW Surface Wave lifetime use: Public Access in a rugged or vandal-risk environment
  • All the features of SAW above.
  • Metal minibezel provides a flat sealed surface that is consistent over long time periods- reduction in costs for design and sealing.
  • NO dust problems 
  • 4 mm tempered glass and 6 mm strengthened glass that exceeds ball drop specifications
  • CAN BE REPAIRED, if components damaged due to any reason.

5W 5-Wire Resistive: Employee related use
Some Applications
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) uses:
    Supermarket, cinema, lottery terminal, fast food, etc.
  • Industrial uses
    Automated testing, automation equipment, man-machine interface, etc.
  • Medical uses:
    Medical instrument, research equipment, patient monitoring system, etc.
  • Transportation uses:
    Inner vehicle control panel.
  • Office automation
  • Superior technology for dust proof operation.
  • "Film on glass" touch screen with superior image clarity, high resolution and good light transmission.
  • Durable - 35 million touches per point life.
  • High touchpoint density: upto 4096 x 4096.
  • Accurate operation.
  • Antiglare glass option.
  • Finger, gloved hand and soft stylus activation.

Four Wire Resistive: When cost is the main factor
  • Durability and stability at the lowest price.
  • Ease of setup, by any user.