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AMS IMPEXFingerprint Module

This Module is an ultra-low cost Sweep fingerprint module (fingerprint image captured transffered to PC through USB). Designed for Kiosk, POS, Desktop, Laptop, Industrial PC, Embedded System applications, the sweep sensor provides excellent fingerprint authentication.

POS Stand Base

It is specially defined for PC and PC peripheral-device applications (Size dimension 30mm x 30mm x 7mm), featuring its extremely low power consumption with only 5V operations. An unique, RoHS Compliant patented Nano-cover TM Technology, the sensor (Egis) is specially treated for against the replay attack by the latent fingerprint left on the sensor surface and wearing-resistant usage more than 1,000,000 times.

POS Stand Base
5-in-1 Software

Auto-Login (Window Login)
User can login Windows system by fingerprint identification instead of typing user account and password. Supported Administrator account & Limited (Guest) account.

Screen Saver Lock
You can instantly start/stop the screen saver function after successful verifying of fingerprint or hot key. No need to set waiting time for the screen saver of windows.

Password bank (Web Account Auto-Login)
No more worries of memorizing ID and password for your various web accounts.

File/Folder Encryption (File/Folder Security)
Powerful AES 256 bit data encryption technology. Integrate "fingerprint" safeguard data stored in laptop & PC, preventing data from
unauthorized access.

Magic Disk (Virtual Security Disk)
Upon user's fingerprint is successfully verified, Virtual disk drive, created by Secure Lock, formed from available hard drive space of your internal storage device, will show up. The function of the virtual hard drive is exactly the same as normal hard drive. Every byte of data stored in this virtual drive is encrypted at the moment it was written, and it is decrypted only when the fingerprint is successfully verified. The size of virtual hard drive could be adjusted by user (Maximum 2GB Capacity).

S-Pack 6-in-1 Software

PC Lock
Once the fingerprint device, acting as a key, is unplugged, the PC locks itself by shutting down its screen, keyboard, and mouse to
ensure total protection of the data from being stolen or used by others. The lock will be cancelled when the device is re-plugged.

Screen Saver
As soon as "Screen Saver" is activated by your fingerprint, no one could pry into your computer when you are temporarily away while
working. "Screen Saver" provides you the ultimate privacy of your computers.

File Encryption Box
Encrypt document with AES 256bit encryption algorithm. Without fingerprint verification, no one could access to the "Encryption Box"
where you store your confidential data. Support intuitive way to copy files by directly drag-and-drop files into the icon on Virtual
Desktop. Click icon to invoke File Explorer for files operation, file encryption, file decryption, copy, paste, cut, and delete.

Web Account
Maintain user all web accounts information in PC. Auto opened the logon page and sign on when user clicks the entry of managed
web account list. Easy to add new web account into list by on-line capture user key-in sign on information. All managed web account
entries can be edited to accommodate the user. User can setup to auto or manual logon the web account. User can setup to list the
selected web account in pop-up menu to quickly access frequent-visiting web account.

Windows Login
Enable/Disable to use fingerprint to login Windows. Supported Administrator account & Limited (Guest) account. It offers a security
function to PC Screen Saver, Stand by, and Hibernate models.

File/Folder Encryption
Powerful AES 256 bit data encryption technology. Right click on the file/Folder, and you can encrypt the entire file/folder.


We also provide the SDK - Software Development Kit (optional and charged for). This SDK & DLL contains hardware initializing functions, hardware controlling functions and matching SDK, such as opening sensor, closing sensor and full image capture functions. Matching SDK includes features extraction, and identification.

Supporting OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7

POS Stand Base


Sensor control

  1. Initialize device
  2. Get image
  3. Detect device
  4. Navigation function control

Fingerprint image Identify

  1. Extract Feature & Get Feature
  2. Identify


  1. DES encrypt & decrypt
  2. AES encrypt & decrypt
  3. Key CODE control

Hidden area access
Read / write

Supplied Accessory
USB Cable
Quick Installation Guide
Software + Driver CD (Option)
SDK (Option and charged for extra)