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IR Touch Screen Overlay use an infrared matrix densely distributed in the X and Y directions to detect and locate finger touch points.


Our IR (Infrared) Multi-Touch points touch screen overlay frames are external frames for retrofitting any display such as Large Displays, Monitors, TV’s, Ultra Large size Video Walls or even big projected images

The IR touch screen is equipped with a controller board inside the outer overlay frame, placed in front of the display. The controller arranges the Infrared Emitting Diodes and infrared receiving diodes on the four sides of the screen to form a horizontal and vertical cross of the Infrared matrix.

What Is Infrared Emitting Diodes ?
Answer – According to Infrared Emitting Diodes (IREDs) are solid state light sources emitting in the near infrared part of the spectrum. The emission wavelength is closely matched to the response peak of silicon photodiodes and phototransistors. This product line provides a broad range of lens and power output options. Read More

When a finger touches the screen, it blocks the horizontal and vertical infrared rays passing through the particular position, so the co-ordinate position of the touch point on the screen can be judged. Any non-transparent object can change the infrared rays on the finger contact to realise a touch event operation (click, double click, swipe gestures, etc)

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IR Touch Screen Overlay Features

  • Affordable IR Touch Screen Conversion Frame overlay to convert / retrofit / touch enable your Large Monitor display & Ultra Large Video Walls into a large Interactive Touch Screen.
  • Sizes: 21.5 inch, 24 inch, 27 inch, 32 inch, 43 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch, 84 inch, 98 inch upto 200 inches.
  • Easily integrates with Samsung, LG, Panasonic Digital Signage & Commercial Displays, can be deployed very fast.
  • 20 fingers Multi-Touch points with gestures support, 40 points optional
  • High Touch Resolution — 4k x 4k & 32k x 32k
  • Slim metal frame 1.9mm
  • 4-5mm Toughened glass 
  • New firmware with advanced diagnostics and Touch Algorithms
  • USB-HID plug & play support for Windows family, Android, Linux, Raspberry PI
  • Available with all sizes of Displays, professionally integrated 

Applications Of IR Touch Screen Overlay:

  • Ultra Large Video Walls 
  • Education – Classroom Teaching 
  • Control Panels for Industrial rooms 
  • CCTV Monitoring Panel 
  • Conference Rooms 
  • Museum displays 
  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows Display 
  • Gaming Kiosks 
  • Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Wayfinding Kiosks in Malls/Airports
  • Self Ordering POS Kiosk 
  • Broadcast Studios for News and Weather maps navigation
  • Convert a TV into an Interactive Touch Screen

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